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Beginner’s Guide to the Escort Industry Helpful Tips and Tricks

Regardless of if you have worked as an independent escort, with an agency, or in the sex work field before it is always important to learn some solid foundations that will not only make you more confident as the service provider, but ensure you are safe, knowledgeable and prepared for most situations you as a companion will face. These are a few tips/tricks collected to benefit you and give you peace of mind about questions that you may have.

1. Starting off with the biggest rule of them all, you are the boss of your body. Being an escort means that you are the owner, manager and distributor of your image and personal being. This means you are in complete control at all times. There should never be a situation where you feel obligated to let someone do something you aren’t comfortable with. Know that you have the power to say no! There are no rules stating that you must perform a certain act/do whatever a client says/etc. Own your body and you will be powerful and safe.

2. Your image is completely up to you. Don’t feel pressured to act or look a certain way that doesn’t feel natural to you. Keep your own individuality and style, people will always appreciate authenticity over what you may think is main-stream “desirable.” As long as you are healthy and keeping your body fed, loved and cared for, whatever you look like on the outside is completely up to you.

3. That being said, cleanliness and hygiene is critical. Showering before and after appointments (when possible) is a great idea to keep yourself fresh and clean between appointments. Carry hand sanitizer, mouth wash/mints, feminine wipes, deodorant/body spray and any other personal hygiene items with you in a small bag or your purse for whenever you are working. This will help keep yourself clean, fresh and feeling healthy while working with the public.

4. Another few items that are essential to keep with you would be: condoms, lubrication, hair ties, change of underwear/outfit, body lotion and if needed a small snack such as a granola bar, fruit/vegetables or any other kind of nutrition that you can eat on the go to avoid getting hungry between appointments.

5. To keep yourself free of STD’s and other transmitted diseases, the recommended course of action is to always play safe when the activity arises. Condoms or any other form of preferred protection (up to you) is always encouraged for your and the client’s safety. Remember – even if a client offers you extra incentive to have sex without protection, you are putting yourself and your health at risk. No money is worth putting your personal safety in jeopardy and you have the right to say no! If the client still persists, you are in the right to refuse them service. Remember – you are the boss of your body and you make the rules.

6. Sometimes clients may provide you with drinks or party favours (drugs/alcohol). This is all personal preference as you are in control of what you choose to do or not do during this situation. However, it falls in the same line of remaining professional and safe during your encounter. Make sure you stay focused, alert and maintain your ability to make clear decisions. The agency does provide a level of security with both the driver and the agency being aware of your appointment and keeping an eye on when you check in and out but you have a responsibility while you are engaging with the client to keep yourself safe.

7. There is a resource in Calgary called Shift which is located downtown. They offer plenty of resources for sex workers in Calgary and are a great organization to become acquainted with.

8. If you want to work while still on your period (instead of taking birth control to stop your monthly cycle or other alternatives such as an IUD) there are a few options. You can use cosmetic wedges to soak up the blood while in an appointment as long as they are removed immediately afterwards. They also sell period stoppers (small inserts that act like a diaphragm) that are relatively inexpensive and effective. For more information on that, here’s an article I found helpful.

9. When taking calls or texts from clients, it’s a good safety measure to use a texting app and never give out your real phone number. Just install the app and use it whenever contacting a client, to protect your identity from curious clients.

In conclusion, just know that your coworkers and support systems are the best resource for problems and don’t be afraid to ask the other girls about anything. Stay safe, have fun and love yourself. 🙂

Nikki from Calgary Star Agency