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Calgary Star Agency is a companionship agency that is built on foundations of being honest, reliable, and ethical. Our goal is to work with women who choose this career to achieve long term life goals, and we will always make sure that you are comfortable working on our team. If this is your first time becoming a companion, if you’re looking to switch from another agency, or you want to return after an absence, we will guide you through the process to make sure this is the right choice for you.
Calgary Star Agency is a professionally managed and highly organised group with superior service. We are here for you in every way possible. We are not just your agency sending you out on jobs; we are your support while you lay the foundation for your future.

What we Offer

  • Advertising team and industry experts to make the most of your opportunity.
  • A safe environment that strives to be stress free; we believe in work/life balance
  • Personal drivers (safety is our main concern)
  • Security and screening, only meet the best clientele
  • The flexibility of a schedule that you decide on; there is no minimum or maximum shifts per week
  • Coaching and support
  • The absolute highest standards both on the job and off

Who we After

We strive to help you build a better work/life balance and provide you with the full support that you need to either continue your education, to be financially independent, or to help you find additional ways to enrich your life. Our clientele requests a variety of types and therefore we are welcomed all to apply. There are however a few specifics that are strict requirements.

  • You are over 18 (with ID)
  • You pay close attention to details and are impeccably groomed – from head to toe
  • You have a healthy, drug-free, drama-free attitude to life in general
  • You’re a natural at making conversation – your topics of knowledge are plentiful
  • Your style is tasteful, sexy and refined
  • You’re a honest, gracious and evolved human being – at all times

*Reference this post for helpful tips and tricks for beginner guide.

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