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Like you, I seek adventure and passion. I seek a release from routine and the spark that comes from spine-tingling, toe-curling connections. I seek pleasure in all of its… many forms.

I enjoy lavishly dressing up just to take it all off, feeling the condensation from a crisp glass of pinot dripping down my fingers, steaming up windows and drawing in them, packing light for a last minute getaway, and lingering conversations over steamy post-dinner espresso.

Adventure and spontaneity make me feel most alive and as such I often find myself as the life of the party. My warm smile lights up any room while my kind personality invites a sense of comfortability and ease. I’m bright, bubbly, and always find a reason to laugh. Simply put, I’m a people person through and through!

I equally enjoy being a giver and receiver of pleasure. Let’s spoil each other and escape the mundane…

Until we meet,

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    Wow just wow

    By: Unmasked | 6 months ago

    I think my title says it all! What a great experience 😜

    what a wonderful

    By: Thom | 6 months ago

    Amber is a very beautiful and down to earth. she is not a clock watcher. she is good kisser and very responsive. she is one of a kind and a must to see