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Hello gentlemen

My name is khalia kiss and I’m new to Calgary
What can I say? I love meeting new people and I enjoy healthy and intelligent conversations where my mind can be stimulated as well as other parts of me 😉
Im a student studying real estate and finance and I’m always eager to learn more.
I’m an optimistic young lady and I love seizing every opportunity in life and turning it into a success story
You will never get boring conversations with me and my number one goal is I aim to please;once you’re satisfied that’s all that matters to me
I’m definitely not like the rest and once you spend time with me my aura speaks for itself
I can’t wait to meet you and bring you into KHALIA’S WORLD. Trust me, you won’t want to leave 💝

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    Unexpected Bliss

    By: Randy | 2 months ago

    This wasn’t my first rodeo. I have found that even some knowledge of what to expect with a lady, you just never know what you’re gonna get until you meet them. I have never been as pleasantly surprised before, than with Khalia. The-Girl-Next-Door, MILF, Porn Star, and best friend, don’t even begin to cover the single (way too short) hour that I spent with Khalia. Absolutely seeing her again! (but definitely laying out more towels this time…)